Pet Allergy Week (PAW)


Welcome to Pet Allergy Week!

Raising Awareness of Dogs and Cats with Allergies

The next Pet Allergy Week will take place on the 5th – 11th June 2017!

Look out for PAW at your veterinary practice, where you can find out more about animal allergies and how your pet may be affected.

Does your pet have allergies?

Just like us, animals can have allergies…

It can cause skin and ear problems, gastrointestinal problems (such as vomiting and diarrhoea), hair loss and low energy levels.

There are a wide variety of allergens pets can have a reaction to, from foods, pollens from trees, grasses and flowering plants to moulds, fleas, dust and storage mites. Once the problem is identified there a number of treatment options which can overcome the symptoms and improve your pet’s quality of life.

Why not take advantage of PAW and give your pet the best, ask your vet about SENSITEST® today!