Post Test Advice


What do your results mean?

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The SENSITEST® pet allergy test identifies levels of antibodies in your pet’s blood which may correspond to the clinical signs of allergy. These results pinpoint the potential offending allergens and the level of reaction – a Class Score on a scale of 0-5. Any score of 1 and above is significant. In conjunction with the work already carried out by your vet these results can be used to identify ways of managing your pet’s condition. read more >>


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Outdoor Allergens & Advice

Avoiding offending allergens should always be considered. For the latest pollen counts in your are, check the weather forecast. Due to the airborne nature of environmental allergens, avoidance may not be possible. In these cases your vet may recommend allergy shots, or allergen-specific immunotherapy for your dog or cat. read more >>


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House dust mites are the most common cause of allergy in the UK. These mites are very small and almost transparent. It is dust mite faeces rather than the dust mites themselves that provoke the allergic reaction. A teaspoon of dust may contain more than 250,000 mite droppings! They prefer warm, humid conditions and live on shed skin and hair from humans and animals, insect scales and fabric particles. read more >>