What do your results mean?

The SENSITEST® allergy test identifies levels of antibodies in the animals blood which may correspond to the clinical signs of allergy. These results pinpoint the potential offending allergens and the level of reaction – a Class Score on a scale of 0-5. Any score of 1 and above is significant. In conjunction with the work already carried out by your vet these results can be used to identify ways of managing the condition.


Treatment options for managing your pet’s allergies may include:

Dietary trial:

Results from the SENSITEST® food allergy test can be used to tailor a food elimination dietary trial for your animal, speeding up the treatment process. Your vet will be able to advise suitable commercially prepared foods or a home-prepared diet that you may wish to try. Food tips & advice is included in your results pack to assist in monitoring your animals diet.

Environmental allergen avoidance/reduction:

Avoiding offending allergens should always be considered. For the latest pollen counts in your area, check the weather forecast. Due to the airborne nature of environmental and/or insect allergens, avoidance may not be possible. In these cases your vet may recommend allergy shots, or allergen-specific immunotherapy for your dog, cat or horse.

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Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy

Dog getting injectionStudies show that 70-80% of animals respond positively to allergen-specific immunotherapy. Most animals will require this treatment for life as allergies cannot be cured, only managed effectively.

Allergen-specific immunotherapy is one of the safest and most effective treatments available to animals suffering from environmental and/or insect allergies and unlike other therapies it actually targets the root cause and provides long term relief from symptoms. It works by gradually building up immunity/tolerance to the specific allergens that are causing the allergic reaction. Over a period of time small amounts of the allergens are injected under the skin. The injections are given in increasing amounts and concentrations until a tolerance/maintenance level is reached.

Each treatment is tailor-made to the individual requirements of your animal. The formulation is based upon your environmental allergy test results, clinical history and the relevance of the allergens in the local environment. It may not be necessary to include every allergen that was positive on the test result and your vet will select the most relevant.

Every animal is unique and will respond differently to the treatment. In most cases, improvements can be seen after a few months but some animals may require more time before their immunity is built up enough to tolerate the offending allergens. Other factors such as severity and duration of the symptoms, age and general health of the animal will affect the time scale for improvement.

The cost of your test and any treatment may be covered by your pet insurance.

Please check with your vet and insurance company for details.
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